Call for papers for Comenius IEEPS conference, Belgrade, Serbia

Faculty of Education of University of Kragujevac, Institute for Educational Research and Institute for Improvement of Education organize within the Comenius IEEPS project “Improving education effectiveness of primary schools” the International scientific conference „Improving quality of education in elementary schools” which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 14 October 2016. The most important aim of the conference is to promote research findings on the factors of quality education in element...


As part of the project “Improving educational effectiveness of primary schools” it was planned to create and implement professional development programs for school staff. The main goal of the seminars is to improve pupils’ achievement through training for teachers, school counselors and principals to improve key elements of quality teaching that are based on the studies of educational effectiveness. The seminars in Serbia obtained accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technol...

European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) – Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary, 7th-11th September 2015.

In September 2015 Darko Zupanc and Gašper Cankar attended the European Conference on Educational Research at Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary. They presented RIC's work under presentation entitled 'Upgrade of Slovenian School performance feedback system (SPFS) with individual’s contextual data – feasibility study'. The study done within the IEEPS project continued work on their School Performance Feedback System. The study researched the validity and applicability of national administr...

Working visit to Nicosia, Cyprus – 26th July-9th August 2015.

Within the work package 2 and 3, a two week-long working meeting was organized at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia from July 26 to August 9, 2015. The lectures and workshops were led by prof. dr. Leonidas Kyriakides from University of Cyprus and dr. Margarita Christoforidou from the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). Research team members cooperated on planning and preparing for implementation of the professional development programs for teachers, counselors and principa...

Working Visit to Leuven, Belgium – 8th-14th May 2015.

Within the work package 2 and 3, a week-long working meeting was organized at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium from 8-14th May 2015. Meeting of the Steering Committee of the IEEPS project was held on the first day of the visit. Research team members from Serbia and Slovenia had the opportunity to learn about multilevel analysis used in TIMSS, PISA and other studies carried out at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Furthermore, participants gained insight into the advantages of ...

Main research – April 2015

After months of planning, selecting proper samples, obtaining permissions and communicating with school coordinators, the questionnaire distribution has commenced in April 2015. Packages were sent to 125 schools in Serbia. During April, May and June 2015, data from over 5,500 students, their parents and 2,500 teachers were collected and entered into databases. Data analyses will serve as the basis for creation of the School performance feedback, Effective factors Handbook and in-service trai...

The July Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia – 9th-14th July 2014.

Within the Work Package 2 and 3, six-day workshop took place at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade from 9-14th July 2014. The workshop wasled by prof. dr.LeonidasKyriakidesand prof. dr.HaralambosHaralambusfrom the University ofCyprus. The workshop was organized by the Institute for Educational Research. During the first part of the workshop participants discussed the results of the pilot phase of the research and the means to improve teachers’ and students’ questionnaires for the ma...

The April Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia – 28th–30th April 2014.

Within the Work Package 2 and 3, three-day workshop took place in Belgrade from 28-30th April 2014. Besides the research team members from the Institute for Educational Research and representatives of the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, the meeting was attended by prof. dr. Leonidas Kyriakides and prof. dr. Haralambos Haralambus from the University of Cyprus and prof. dr. Jan Van Dam from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). The aim of the workshop was to finalize the teachers’ ...

Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia – 23th-28th February 2014.

Within the Work Package 2 and 3, from 23-28th February 2014, researchers from University of Cyprus, members of the research team from the Institute for Educational Research in Belgrade and representatives of the Faculty of Education in Jagodina attended working meetings organized at the National Examination Centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The six-day workshop led by dr. Gašper Cankar and Alenka Hauptman was designed to acquaint research team members with the fundamentals of item response theo...

IEEPS Kick-off Meeting in Jagodina, Serbia – 12th,13th December 2013.

Jagodina 12.12.2013 Kick of meeting
Within the Work Package 1, IEEPS project kick-off meeting took place in Jagodina, at the Faculty of Education from 12-13th December 2013. Project aims and objectives and the forthcoming project activities were presented at this meeting. Besides the representatives of the Faculty of Education and the Institute for Educational Research, the meeting was attended by colleagues from other partner institutions, including leading experts in the field of educational effectiveness and leadership in e...