Call for papers for Comenius IEEPS conference, Belgrade, Serbia

Faculty of Education of University of Kragujevac, Institute for Educational Research and Institute for Improvement of Education organize within the Comenius IEEPS project “Improving education effectiveness of primary schools” the International scientific conference „Improving quality of education in elementary schools” which will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 14 October 2016. The most important aim of the conference is to promote research findings on the factors of quality education in elementary schools (primary and lower secondary education). The conference is focused on identification of the most important determinants of attainment of functional knowledge, development of critical thinking, motivation and interest, and acquirement of other positive education outcomes. The conference intent is to encourage open dialogue and closer cooperation between the researchers, policymakers, teachers, education counselors and school principals.

pdf  Call for papers – Comenius 2016

docx Conference application form – Comenius 2016