Professional Development Programs for School Staff

As part of the project “Improving educational effectiveness of primary schools” it was created and implemented professional development programs for school staff. The main goal of the seminars was to improve pupils achievement through training for teachers, school counselors and principals and to improve key elements of quality teaching that are based on the studies of educational effectiveness. The seminars in Serbia obtained accreditation by Institute for the Advancement of Education, Belgrade, and Republic of Serbia.

In Serbia, the trainings were organized and realized for 240 teachers, school counselors and principals during nine months (from October 2015 till June 2016). Seminar participants received a total of 72 points of professional training, as well as very practical and useful knowledge and skills that are recognized as the most important for teaching and student learning. Team members from the Comenius project continued with the implementation of these seminars in other schools in Serbia. The list of seminars is here

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