The conference of research project entitled “Improving Educational Effectiveness of Primary Schools (IEEPS)” (538992-LLP-1-2013-1-RS-COMENIUS-CM), was held at the University of Cyprus,University House “Anastasios G. Leventis”, Nicosia, Cyprus (20th of May 2017).

Presentation for the Committee for International Education and Training Policy of the Flemish Educational Council (VLOR, Vlaamse OnderwijsRaad) – February 3th, 2017

Presentation of the results of the Comenius project (IEEPS) at the International Scientific Conference “Problems and dilemmas of teaching and learning theory and practice in formal education” in Aranđelovac, Serbia

IEEPS Project: Jan Van Damme with colleagues from schools (Belgium)

Presentation of the Belgian results of the TIMSS 2015 that utilized work done in IEEPS for the civil servants of the Ministry of Education (21st November 2016)

Conference “Improving quality of education in elementary schools” – 14th October 2016.


Roundtable, 25.05.2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Presentation for the Committee for Education of the Flemish Parliament (Commissie Onderwijs) – 19st January 2016

European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) – Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary, 7th-11th September 2015.

Working visit to Nicosia, Cyprus – 26th July-9th August 2015.

Working Visit to Leuven, Belgium – 8th – 14th May 2015.

Main research – April 2015.

The July Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia – 9th – 14th July 2014.

The April Workshop in Belgrade, Serbia – 28th – 30th April 2014.

Workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia – 23th – 28th February 2014.

IEEPS Kick-off Meeting in Jagodina, Serbia 2013 – 12th and 13th December 2013.